Standing up for The NRA – Not NH

Instead of joining a group of bipartisan Senators from across the country, Senator Kelly Ayotte stood up with the NRA and voted to kill the Manchin-Toomey Background Check Bill.

Really Senator?

New Hampshire residents overwhelmingly support background check legislation.

In a recent UNH Granite State Poll, residents were asked if they supported legislation that would “require background checks before people – including gun dealers – could buy guns at gun shows” closing the “Gun Show Loophole”.

91% Favor It!

So while Senator Ayotte stands with the 7% that oppose it and votes to kill the legislation the NRA takes a victory lap.

While Senator Ayotte may not be up for re-election in 2014, the voters have already begun to take notice. A recent Public Policy Poll done after her vote to kill the background check legislation showed that her popularity dropped 15 points.

At a town hall meeting in Tilton, Senator Ayotte refused to take a single question on expanding background checks. The moderator, Republican State Senator Jeb Bradley was caught admitting he screened questions. Senator Ayotte embarrassed New Hampshire with her irresponsible vote and now she and Bradley are refusing to be honest about why.

The NRA is so afraid of her dismal approval ratings that they are running radio ad’s thanking her for her vote!

Send a Tweet, call her office (202-224-3324) and write a letter to the editor and make sure she knows we won’t forget this vote come 2016.